Trio is the first example...

All the Catasto Elettrico albums were recorded during a single session, totally improvised. Trio is no exception.



We're Late For Class said...

We can't wait to hear you. Just started downloading. We've added your link to our blog because we're both doing the exact same thing (maybe not the same kind of music, but the same approach). Good luck to you guys. Look forward to more web releases.

Anonymous said...

Niente male davvero questi krauti in salsa romana: i miei complimenti agli chef!

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Guys,

LOVE IT! Great, earthy vibe. Love the trio format and the raw drums sound. Nothing like live improv. We'll definitely get the next one, too.

Yeah... let's exchange album posts. We'll put this one up for download at Were Late For Class and will also put links back to you.


We're Late For Class said...


Lonnie here from WLFC. Really liked your jams. Thanks for plugging ours. Funny you mentioned "Tommy Reese's DTs." We're put up stuff from the same sessions today and includedthat one in. Can't wait to hear more CE.

ProgShine said...

Yeah man, let's trade links, i'll link your blog in New Progshine right now

Anonymous said...

Your sound is amazing!Good players!
I come back!Manu. Portugal

thebeathunters said...

very interesting jams. i prefer the two other opus though

Rikwer said...

Gostei muito do seu som, mais ainda do Trio e do Modo.Trabalho excepcional! Parabéns!!Venham pelo Brasil dar um show...Abraços!
Ricardo Lima